Welcome to the Forge!

In a few weeks…. Battle of The Bands, Sunday,  April 27th at 2pm
The Forge is constantly looking for the next up and coming bands. This year we are having  a Battle of the Bands, Sunday, April 27th.
The winner will be announced that evening and will not only get bragging rights but also to play in the same line up as Ray Wylie Hubbard,
The Damn Quails, Oil Boom, and Stefan Cotter & the Rastabillys during the
Click on the link to enter your band!

Our Hours

Wednesday • 11am – 10 pm
Thurs • 11am – 11pm (Kitchen & music until 10 p.m.)
Friday • 11am – 11pm (Kitchen & music until 10 p.m.)
Saturday • 11am – Midnight (Kitchen and Music until 10 p.m.)
(NEW HOURS!) Sunday • 11 am – 9pm
(Happy Hour 4-6 pm Fridays)

Check out our On-line Pizza Menu

To Go Orders Welcome! Call 903.833.5970 for more info.

Booking, call Joanne Lowery at 903.245.1309 or email lowery446@yahoo.com

No reservations required. Just come on in!
We are located in the heart of Ben Wheeler, Texas, on Hwy 279

Every Saturday, 3-6 p.m. Bluesman, Craig Wallace performs!

April Music Line-up

4/3 Ramoth Gilead

4/4 Kasey Lansdale Duo

4/5 Stefan Cotter

4/10 T.J. Broscoff

4/11 4 Way Street (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Cover Band) 7pm

4/12 Craig Wallace 3-6pm/ Heather Little & Matt Bradshaw 7pm

4/16 Craig Wallace 6pm

4/17 Wesley Pruitt 7pm

4/18 Kirby Kelley 7pm

4/19 Craig Wallace at 3-6pm / Rick Babb 7pm

4/23 Craig Wallace/ Open Mic 6pm

4/24 blacktopGYPSY 7pm

4/25 Matt Bradshaw & Heather Little 7pm

4/26 Craig Wallace at 3-6pm / Ben Lowery & Wes Hendrix 7pm

4/27 (Sunday) Battle of the Bands 2pm

Looking for info about this year’s Junebug Music Festival? Click here!

Guess who was featured in Texas Monthly!!!
That’s right, The Forge Bar and Grill was written up as one of Texas Monthly’s “Favorite Restaurants, Cafe’s and Joints.” Sufficed to say, we were thrilled! Kudos to our staff and the great patrons that make this all possible! Thanks Texas Monthly!


12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Forge!

  1. First time customer today but we will definitely be back! The Caesar pizza was amazing, and the big easy sandwich was delicious!

    • Thank you so much for visiting our establishment and then taking the time to tell us how you liked it. We hope you get to come back real soon. We are always adding new goodies to our menu. Thanks again!

  2. Love it.. very crowded. Will be back, because we live fairly close. My only complaint is.. you need more waitresses. We sat for a long time and a few walked by, finally we stopped one and she helped us, but our table outside seemed to have no one attending to it. We were there Sat Aug 10 around 8:30 p.m. I also suggested someone to play at your place.. hope he signs up!

    • Thank you so much for coming to our establishment! I apologize for the delay in your service, we are working on making sure we have more than enough people to take care of all our customers. We did have music scheduled that night, but perhaps they were on a break. We usually have live acoustic music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Be sure not to miss our music festivals, as they are really quite fun! Thank you once again for coming out and visiting us and too take it a step further by telling us about your experience. It is so very much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you again real soon!
      Kerian & The Forge

  3. For months I had been hearing about the awesome Pizza at a place called The Forge in Ben Wheeler, Texas so I decided to take a friend and go over and check it out. WOW I was impressed to say the least. I’m not a huge Pizza fan but I am now. The Pizza was the tastiest Pizza I have ever eaten and trust me over the past 15 years of living between Orange County California to Seattle I can say it’s got to be the BEST!!!….. I will definately go back. One recommendation…..Seemed to be under staffed but overall was worth the wait….. Belinda Blackshear..Hideaway, Texas

    • Thank you so much for coming out and visiting us! We love to hear our customer feedback and this really makes us proud when we make our customers happy! I just found out that we made it into Texas Monthly and I am positive we would not have made it there without patrons like you. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon!

  4. First time at The Forge on Saturday night!!! Met some really neat people and the food was fabulous…Will definitely be going back! And a special thanks to my new friends Mike and Phyllis, they asked me to join them at there table as i was waiting on the rest of my group to come in from Canton…Really nice people.

  5. Everything about the place is great (love the Saturday acoustic blues), except for the service! For example, Saturday was the perfect example of how not to serve your customer. The place wasn’t busy, and it was just two of us at the table. Had to find the waitress to order a pizza. Then she stopped by 10 min later to ask if it was a Caesar Pizza (no, it wasn’t). Forty minutes later (I don’t mind waiting on the cook, that was OK) I flagged her down to ask if she would check on the progress of our pizza. She brought it immediately and it was cold. It had sat waiting for her. Asked if we wanted anything else I asked for another Lone Star and my wife asked for water. She brought the beer, we reminded her of the water, and she left shaking her head. Finally got tired of waiting for her to take our ticket and cash, put a salt shaker on it and left. EVERYTHING ELSE was wonderful, though, and so we’ll go again. I just want let the server run all over us next time.

    • I am so happy that you came out to our establishment and loved it here. I apologize that your server was not up to your standards or ours for that matter. There are times when our wait staff is super busy but that was not the case with your server. We have increased the amount of servers on the floor and are addressing individual servers on their quality of service so our customers get the attention and service one should expect. Thank you once again, and I hope that the next time you come in, you are delighted by the staff and if not, please ask for management and we will be sure to make it right. Happy Halloween!

  6. Best place around by far!! Has great talented musicians that play from all over. The food is unbelievable and has specials daily. Such a playa place to chill and have a beer or two or three!!! Whoop whoop!!

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