PAVILLION/BACKYARD: $800 base fee 8am – 11pm

Sweet tea, coke, diet coke, sprite, dp & unsweetened tea are included in package rates.

All alcohol consumed on premise must be purchased through the Forge Private Club by one of our TABC certified bar tenders.
Champagne toast add $5 per person (we provide the flutes)
Draft beer $380 per keg domestic – $498 per premium keg
(165 12 oz beers per keg / 124 16oz beers per keg)
Bottled beer $78 dollars per case- domestic -$96 per case premium
Wine (house wine is $20 per bottle)

Or we are happy to provide a cash/credit bar.

All buffet style packages come with bottomless water, sweet, and unsweet tea.

BBQ $14 per person
Includes sliced brisket, pulled pork & sausage, potato salad, beans, Cole slaw, seasonal veggies, salad, spicy mac & cheese, squash casserole, broccli & rice casserole, or deviled eggs (your choice 3 sides)
Add ribs $5 per person

Sandwich platter combo $12 per person
Includes your choice Of any 3 forge sandwiches with 2 sides.

Fiesta/Taco bar $12 per person build your own
add shrimp $3 per person
add guacamole $1 per person
Includes soft tortillas, (ground beef or chopped brisket), chicken ranchero & pulled pork:
beans, rice,  pico, salsa, sour cream, grated cheese, tortilla chips, & cilantro cabbage mix.

Mashed Potato Bar:  Martini style – $14
white & red potatoes mashed with martini style sour cream, bacon, chives, butter, olives (black & green), steamed broccoli, artichoke hearts, asparagus, bleu cheese crumbles, mushrooms and gravy

Picnic: $14 per person
Comes with assorted sliced cheeses,  breads, olives and seasonal fruits with sliced meats.

Italian: $14 per person
bread baskets with butter & olive oil vinegar mix
salad – ceasar & or house
Choose 2 main dishes spagetti & meatballs, lasagna (meat or vegetarian)  or penne pesto with grilled veggies & chicken.

We provide plasticware, cups, silverware & three choices of plates  @ no additional charge. (heavy paper or crystal like plastic or black plastic)

We charge an additional $2 per guest plate fee for Porcelian plates, silverware & glassware.

If you don’t see what you want, let us know.  We’d love to work with you to customize your event.

Calculation of bill is as follows.
Pavillion/grounds fee + bev package + food package = total
Total + 6.25% tax + 20% gratuity = grand total
Alcohic beverages have an additional 8.25% mixed beverage tax.

To hold date a $600 non refundable deposit is due.
Packages are per person and must be decided and paid in full 15 days prior to event.

For family style table service we add an additional service fee of $100 for every 2 tables of 6-8 guests.

Sara Brisco – Owner/operator
PH : 903-833-5970
CELL: 469-955-3110

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