Make Andie Kay OK Fundraiser

Make Andie Kay OK Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser to help a beloved musician and a wonderful person in her time of need.

Our dear friend, Andie Kay Joyner has a very serious blood disorder know
n as hemochromatosis that has affected her vital organs.

Hemochromatosis is a genetic iron overload disease that causes the body to store too much iron.  Over time, this excess iron can ultimately damage vital organs. Unfortunately, that is what has happened with Andie Kay.  Her heart and other vital organs were severely and irreversibly damaged and she recently underwent a heart and liver transplant.

She is currently in recovery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

btg-221Andie Kay started her singing career as a very young child, performing at opry’s and bluegrass festivals across Northeast Texas. Over the years, she’s worked as a backup singer for a “who’s who” list of performers…Rusty Weir, Jim Lauderdale, Tommy Alverson, Eleven Hundred Springs, Mark David Manders and Max Stalling to name a few. She has harmony singing credits on numerous recording sessions across Texas. She has been the lead singer and co-songwriter for the band blacktopGYPSY for many years. She has entertained and wowed listeners her whole life with her sultry and powerful voice. Read more about Andie Kay’s story on

Needless to say, the health complications she is suffering through now have completely prevented her from being able to sing and earn money for much of this year. She is facing a very long road and needs our help.

Funds raised with your generosity are used to help Andie Kay with her mounting medical costs as well as some day-to-day living expenses.

Andie Kay’s case is uncommon and unique — much like Andie Kay herself.  She is a rare and special person and she needs our help.  We want to keep her amazing voice and spirit around for a long time. Please consider donating to this campaign and telling others about Andie Kay and hemochromatosis.

If you’d like to make a  contribution please return this form to the following email address: or call 903.469.3292 to arrange for pick up/transfer of your item. Your thoughtful contribution is sincerely appreciated.

To make a direct donation to Andie Kay

Donation Forms:

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