Potato Salad Wars declares winner!

And the winner is…..

Travis Cormier, a full time cook and great person extraordinaire won the hearts and taste buds of the patrons at the Forge this Sunday with his very sweet and tangy potato salad. The competition was strong and all the salads were delicious. Many had a very hard time deciding which one is the best. Travis’ potato salad will now be the official side of the Forge Bar and Grill in Ben Wheeler with all the bragging rights that come with it.


In two weeks we will be hosting another food war of epic proportion, this time… SALSA! So grab your tomatoes and get going. You have two weeks to come up with an ridiculously yummy salsa that will make us all want to order the taco plate every single time.

So get after it and enjoy these pics while you plan your entry into the NEXT FORGE FOOD WAR!


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Potato Salad Wars!

Potato Salad Wars!

Sunday, July 28th at 1pm

we want your ‘tater salad!



That’s right! The Forge Bar and Grill in Ben Wheeler is having a Potato Salad throw down of epic proportion! We are asking everyone to bring down their home made potato salad or their Mamaw’s potato salad! We don’t care as long as it’s tasty and makes you wanna get up and hug someone! Who ever wins the war will be deemed Potato Salad champion. The losers will have to submit to the awesomeness of the winner. The winner’s salad recipe will be used as THE potato salad of The Forge Bar and Grill! How’s that for some bragging rights? eh!


So come on down, enjoy a full bar, cool folks and a fun afternoon of tater salad tasting! See you there!