An interview with Bridgette Tatum

Bridgette Tatum - Writing She's Country.mp4
Bridgette Tatum – Writing She’s Country.mp4
An Interview with Bridgette Tatum

Sometimes I just wonder how I get to be so lucky to do the things I do. Just a while back I got to interview the most down to earth singer-songwriter, Bridgette Tatum. She had graced us with her musical chops a while back when the lovely Heather Little (also an AH-mazing singer-songwriter) brought her down to our neck of the woods. Her vocals and her charisma blew us out of our seats. She sang mostly her own originals all night long, long after most pack up their guitars. It was a rip-roaring good time and now we are lucky enough to have her  for TWO nights in a row this August. If you happen to see her once, you will definitely be back for more!
So Bridgett, where are you originally from?

B- I’m originally from Florence, South Carolina. I grew up on a farm that had several generations of tobacco Farmers.
What did you want to be when you grew up?
B- Exactly what I’m doing now, being a singer and songwriter. I was singing since I was 6 and then when I went to Texas, met my first cowboy, rode my first horse and heard “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks I knew for sure that one day I’d be moving to Nashville to sing and write music.
Who is the most influential musician to you and your music? 
B- Garth Brooks. He talked to everyone and got the attention of everyone, even those were outside of the usual country music audience. He tied their humanity together and brought music to it.
How much of the music you perform is your own stuff? 
B– When I’m doing my own shows I play all my own music. Sometimes I’ll throw in a few requests.
What you best known for?
B- I wrote the song “She’s Country” for Jason Aldeen and also I wrote “Loud” that Big and Rich” covered for the 2010 ACC Football Season.
What is something people don’t know about you?
B- I am obsessed with make-up and skin products. Don’t go by a make-up counter with me or we will be there for hours! When I was 18 I went to an Estee Lauder counter and asked for Advance Anti-age serum. The lady looked at me like I was crazy, telling me I was too you to start anti-aging! I still use it and swear by it!
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
B- Still playing, doing a tour, and settling into a couple of gigs. Hoping to get a few more acts produced. I’d really like to sit down and write with some of the legendary writers like KT Oslin, who was famous for “Hey Bobby” among many others. I’d love write with Garth Brooks. Heather Little doesn’t believe me, but she was someone I really hoped to get a chance to write with. I was fortunate enough to have had that great opportunity. She’s pretty amazing.
So what are you working on right now?
B- I’m working on the release of “Looking for a Cowgirl.” It will be out soon
Thank you so much Bridgette, it was such a great honor to talk with you and I can’t wait to see you come back down to Ben Wheeler.
B- Thank You. I really love that town. I can’t wait to get back down there and tear it up like I did last time with Heather!
Bridgette with be coming in from Nashville
for two nights only at The Forge
Fri, August 22 & Sat, August 23rd

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