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We had Soul Brothers Moonshine here a while back doing a promo video with none other than the amazingly talented Mr. Wesley Pruitt! Here’s the what happened…

Hopefully, once they are in full swing production the Forge will get first dibs to sell in East Texas! We are thrilled to be the place they picked to make their video, as it is what this town represents.We applaud people like Michael Hale and Wesley Pruitt for their spirit and determination in doing what they love. It is the essence of what created Ben Wheeler.  


Texas Highways dubbed Ben wheeler as number 21 in the top 40 towns to visit in Texas!

Ben Wheeler, Texas top 40 Texas Highways

We were also featured as one of the coolest towns in Texas, in their Sept 2013 Issue! Here’s the link to that!

Coolest town

The Forge was featured in Texas Monthly!!!
That’s right, The Forge Bar and Grill was written up as one of Texas Monthly’s “Favorite Restaurants, Cafe’s and Joints.” Sufficed to say, we were thrilled! Kudos to our staff and the great patrons that make this all possible! Thanks Texas Monthly!


One thought on “The Forge in the News

  1. If you are hunting for one of hidden gems of a restaurant in rural East Texas, then I strongly recommend that you go to The Forge in Ben Wheeler.

    I can assure you that you have NEVER had a decent French Fry until you have had them at The Forge! They are crispy (but not hard), tasty (without seasonings), and a beautiful golden brown. They cut their own fries and then fry them in FRESH, high-quality oil. We have all seen descriptions that sound like that, but almost always the fries disappoint when served. If you stop at The Forge, you MUST at least have something with fries or just a basket of fries by themselves. They will not disappoint.
    The fish in the fish and chips lunch is the best I have had in many years, including in England (the home of fish and chips). The beer batter adds to the taste, and is fried to a beautiful golden brown. Forget Long John Silvers or even many fish restaurants.
    Feeling adventurous, we even decided to have dessert there, which we almost never do. The dessert of ice cream and brownie was presented with chocolate drizzle that made me think I was dining in a fine restaurant in Dallas, and not a roadside cafe in the middle of East Texas. I rarely recommend a place to eat, since everyone’s tastes are different. But I believe you will find The Forge to have been a stop well worth making.

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