March 2013 Music Lineup and Events

3/1 Kimberly Dunn 3/2 Jimmy Bailey & Matt Fisher 3/7 Wesley Pruitt 3/8 Byron Haynie 3/9 Withrow-Cooley 3/14 Patrick James Freden 3/15 Ben Lowery & Wes Hendrix 3/16 Celebrate St Patty’s day this weekend with Guitar Center King of Blues 2009, Kirby Kelley & Flashpoint 3/21 Van 3/22 Michael O (O’Connor) 3/23 T&C Miller 3/28Continue reading “March 2013 Music Lineup and Events”

Yup, we have Kirby Kelly coming to The Forge!

If you haven’t heard of him, shame on you! No really, Kirby Kelley is Ah-mazing! Check him out! And he will be here on Saturday, January 26th at The Forge! This will be bad ass! So get your butts down here before the place spills out onto the streets!

February Music Lineup and Events

February 2/1 Jimmy Bailey 2/2 Eric Moseley Duo 2/7 Patrick James Freden 2/8 Mike Acoustic 2/9 Matt Bradshaw & Heather Little 2/14 Taylor Heard 2/15 Stan Lawhon Duo 2/16 Guitar Center King of Blues 2009, Kirby Kelley 2/21 Van 2/22 Ben Lowery & Wes Hendrix 2/23 Heather Little & Matt Bradshaw 2/28 blacktopGYPSY