Soul Brothers Moonshine

We had Soul Brothers Moonshine here a while back doing a promo video with none other than the amazingly talented Mr. Wesley Pruitt! Here’s the what happened…

Hopefully, once they are in full swing production the Forge will get first dibs to sell in East Texas! We are thrilled to be the place they picked to make their video, as it is what this town represents.We applaud people like Michael Hale and Wesley Pruitt for their spirit and determination in doing what they love. It is the essence of what created Ben Wheeler.  

Salsa Wars today!

Homemade salsaDon’t Forget, today is Salsa War day at the Forge! Bring your Salsa down and see who will be this week’s Forge Food War Winner, complete with bragging rights. The contest is at 1:00 today. See you there!

We will be mixing it up a bit these next few weeks with a twist on entertainment on Sundays. It is all still in the works but will be incredibly cool. We will update you as the plans progress, but just keep an eye out. I promise, you won’t wanna miss it!

March 2013 Music Lineup and Events

3/1 Kimberly Dunn

3/2 Jimmy Bailey & Matt Fisher

3/7 Wesley Pruitt


3/8 Byron Haynie

3/9 Withrow-Cooley

3/14 Patrick James Freden

3/15 Ben Lowery & Wes Hendrix

3/16 Celebrate St Patty’s day this weekend with
Guitar Center King of Blues 2009, Kirby Kelley
& Flashpoint


3/21 Van

3/22 Michael O (O’Connor)

3/23 T&C Miller

3/28 Jerry Don Branch Duo

3/29 Kimberly Dunn

3/30 Heather Little & Matt Bradshaw

Valentines Day at the Forge!

Celebrate Valentines Day at the Forge!

Come down to the Forge for a special night to remember.  You and your Valentine can enjoy a steak and shrimp or smoked salmon and shrimp dinner while listening to the smooth voice and acoustic of Taylor Heard, 7 p.m.

No reservations required.

No romantic evening would be complete without chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne! So bring your special someone down to the Forge for a night of romance followed by live entertainment with Taylor Heard.

Valentines Day at The Forge, Ben Wheeler, TX

Valentines Day at The Forge, Ben Wheeler, TX

Before or after dinner, stroll the many shops featuring
one-of-a-kind finds for that special loved one.


A Duo and Those Damn Quails…

damn quail1

So we had an excellent night of entertainment with the Jerry Branch Duo. They really filled the house and the music kept the room alive. I have to say, I just love the vibe of our little bar. All these great bands that fill this little bar, fill me with such awe at the talent. So at the end of the night after Moores closed down I had the opportunity to meet The Damn Quails. I served up a naughtily named beverage and giggled as I watched these bearded musicians drink their post-concert elixirs. I tried to evoke some more tunes to no avail, but I did get a chance to chat with them for a little bit. What a cool bunch of dudes from Oklahoma. Next time, I’m taking the night off to watch them cause I caught a glimpse of them on Youtube and they looked like they might be Damn fun! Plus, I love their Band Art!

damn quails 2The-Damn-Quails

February Music Lineup and Events


2/1 Jimmy Bailey

2/2 Eric Moseley Duo

2/7 Patrick James Freden

2/8 Mike Acoustic

2/9 Matt Bradshaw & Heather Little

2/14 Taylor Heard

2/15 Stan Lawhon Duo

2/16 Guitar Center King of Blues 2009, Kirby Kelley

2/21 Van

2/22 Ben Lowery & Wes Hendrix

2/23 Heather Little & Matt Bradshaw

Heather Little

Heather Little

2/28 blacktopGYPSY

Music Lineup for January 2013

Acoustic Music • 7 p.m. No Cover  903.833.5970

Interested in playing at The Forge? Contact Joanne Lowery at: 903.245.1309 or email:

 Every Saturday, 3-6 p.m. Bluesman, Craig Wallace performs!

 The Forge Acoustic Music

All music starts @ 7 p.m. • No Cover •903.833.5970



1/3 Eric Moseley Duo

1 /4 The Clarkes

1/5 Matt Bradshaw & Heather Little

1/10 Wesley Pruitt

1/11 Byron Haynie

1/12 T&C Miller

1/17 Jason Elmore

1/18 Ben Lowery & Wes Hendrix

1/19 Jerry Branch Duo

1/24 T.J. Broscoff

1/25 Heather Little & Matt Bradshaw

1/26 Kirby Kelley

1/31 Van